Student 1098-T Tax Document

A student will not receive a 1098-T unless you had out of pocket expenses. If Financial Aid paid for all of the student’s tuition and fees – they will NOT receive a 1098-T.  The 1098-Ts are used to determine a student’s eligibility for claiming the Education Tax Credits on Federal Income Tax returns.  Augusta Technical College has contracted with Heartland, to provide both the electronic and paper forms of the 1098-Ts. 

Students eligible to receive a 1098-T can retrieve one electronically or a mailed form.  Once a student is signed up for getting the form electronically, he or she can obtain additional copies online in the future.

To retrieve the 1098-T electronically:

  1. Login to Smartweb
  2. Click on Bannerweb
  3. Click on Student & Financial Aid
  4. Click on Student Records
  5. Click on Tax Notification
  6. Enter Tax Year

You can go to the website as often as needed to retrieve a copy.  If you have any questions, please call the Augusta Technical College Office of Student Accounts at (706) 771-4030.  

If students would like to print their own 1098Ts from the company that processes them, they can go to HeartLand via the links provided below. These links also provide telephone contact numbers for HeartLand and Live Chat, if students need to speak with them.