Competitive Health Science Programs

Associate Degree Nursing, Cardiovascular Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Echocardiography, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Care, Surgical Technology, and Vascular Technology are competitive programs. Admissions to Augusta Technical College and the competitive ranking processes are two separate processes. To be accepted into the college and qualify for ranking, applicants MUST complete all Augusta Technical College admissions requirements. Applicants who meet the college admission criteria are eligible to enroll at the college to complete prerequisite courses.

Competitive Process

Acceptance into the college does not guarantee admission into any Competitive Allied Health program. The competitive process requires submission of a Competitive Ranking Application, successful completion of all prerequisites, and completion of any additional curriculum/requirements by the designated deadline. Applicants who are not selected for admission are given the option to consider a program change or resubmit an admission application and a new Competitive Ranking Application by the next ranking cycle deadline.

If you have satisfied (or will satisfy) ALL prerequisites by the designated deadline, please follow the steps below to complete the Competitive Ranking Application process.

Are you a NEW STUDENT (this includes transfer students and returning students [who have not attended the college for two or more semesters])?

New students should proceed to steps 1-3 before completing a ranking application.

  1. Complete an online application for admission.
  2. Official transcripts from post-secondary institutions previously attended to The Office of Student Records can be submitted to the Office of Student Records for evaluation. 

    Please allow 7-14 business days from the date of receipt for evaluation. Official transcripts can be sent electronically via Parchment, Escrip-safe, or National Student Clearinghouse directly to Augusta Technical College. If an email address is required, please use

    Augusta Technical College
    Office of Student Records,
    3200 Augusta Tech Drive
    Augusta, GA 30906

  1. Once transcripts have been evaluated and/or a student has a complete admission file, students will be accepted into college and granted access to BannerWeb.


For current or previously admitted Augusta Tech students:

  1. Go to Smartweb. Click BannerWeb then login and select Student Services and Financial Aid to access Degree Works. Verify ALL prerequisites have been satisfied OR current enrollment with expected completion by the designated deadline. View Degree Works Instructions.
  2. Applicants may apply to be ranked for two Competitive Allied Health and Nursing programs per ranking cycle. Complete a separate ranking application for each program you would like to be considered for. (Ranking applications can be found below in the Competitive Criterion section).
  3. Submit the COMPLETED/SIGNED ranking application via email to by the designated deadline. DO NOT MAIL OR FAX

Notifications will be e-mailed and mailed 4-6 weeks after the designated deadline.

Competitive Criteria
Please click on the appropriate program below to review the competitive criteria. (All will link to PDF pages with the specified criteria)

Associate Degree Nursing* - ADN Student Handbook - Cost List
Cardiovascular Technology
Diagnostic Medical Sonography* - Cost List
Occupational Therapy Assistant - Cost List
Practical Nursing* - PN Student HandbookCost List
Radiologic Technology - Cost List - Ranking Application
Respiratory Care
Surgical Technology - ST Student Handbook - Cost List
Vascular Technology