Distance Education

Augusta Tech has been offering Distance Education courses since 1999.  Our students have access to 24/7 lesson availability and innovative, engaging course content. 

Distance Education courses are offered in the following formats: online, hybrid, and web-enhanced.  Most Distance Education courses use the Blackboard Learning Management System.

  • Online courses offer 100% of the course instruction online. Students come to campus for only 1 or 2 proctored events. All lessons are asynchronous, so students can do course work any time of the day. Work is due each week.  (Note: Completion of Badge Training is a requirement to register for an online course.)
  • Hybrid courses offer up to 50% of the course content online. Students come to campus at the scheduled time each week for the remaining course contact hours.
  • Web-enhanced courses meet 100% of the time in class, yet many of the course materials and assignments are available online.

The qualities below are needed for success in Distance Education courses. Do they describe you?

  1. Strong reading and writing skills
  2. Self-discipline
  3. Pro-active learner (Independent, yet willing to ask for help)
  4. Committed to 4-15 hours per week per course
  5. Practically unlimited access to a computer with internet, plus a back-up plan
  6. Comfortable exploring new technologies