Strategic Plan

Augusta Technical College Strategic Plan 2016-2021

College Vision, Values, Mission and Goals


Augusta Technical College will strive to provide innovative educational programs and services of high quality through cost sensitive, accessible and flexible curricula resulting in outstanding student success whereby the region is highly sought for workforce and economic development initiatives.


Excellence (teaching, learning and operations)

Engagement (students, faculty/staff, business and industry, and community stakeholders)

Accountability (accreditation, finances, and ethics)

Diversity (ideas, experiences, and culture)

Safety/Quality (security and wellness)


Augusta Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, is a public postsecondary institution that provides academic and technical education, customized business and industry training, continuing education, student support, economic development, and adult education services to its service area (Burke, Columbia, Lincoln, McDuffie, and Richmond Counties) at a competitive financial value. Associate of Science Degrees, Associate of Applied Science Degrees, diplomas, and technical certificates of credit are provided through traditional and distance delivery methods.

(Reviewed by the Augusta Technical College Board of Directors, April 2016. Approved by the Technical College System of Georgia State Board, June 2016)


  1. To provide competency-based associate degree, diploma, and technical certificate of credit programs to prepare students for employment.
  2. To provide adult education services which prepares students for access to postsecondary education.
  3. To contribute to the development of business, industry, and the community through customized education, continuing education, job training, and retraining.
  4. To provide services and activities to support students in achieving student success as they pursue their educational, personal, and career goals.
  5. To increase community awareness through marketing and public relations activities.


(Reviewed by the Augusta Technical College Board of Directors April 2016)

1.1 Develop sustainable program offerings to meet service area employment demands.

1.2 Improve program quality through ongoing review, assessment and revision.

1.3 Improve student success outcomes (retention and completion rates) through course design enhancements, use of innovative resources, and advanced technology.

2.1 Provide pathways that encourage qualified adult education students to be dually enrolled.

2.2 Develop strategies to transition students from adult education into post-secondary programs.

3.1 Provide customized training programs and continuing education programs that meet the needs and interests of the local industry.

3.2 Support the economic development activities and initiatives of local and regional communities, the Technical College System of Georgia, and the State of Georgia.

3.3 Promote industry and community awareness of the services available through the Economic Development Division.

4.1 Increase awareness of student support services, policies, and student activities.

4.2 Foster and promote student responsibility and engagement in his/her education, policies, and student activities.

5.1 Develop a comprehensive awareness strategy to promote the College mission.