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Commencement 2020 Postponed

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Commencement 2020 Postponed



A young, African American male college student wearing black rimmed glasses and a black, short sleeve shirt sits smiling beside Leah Bohannon, a smiling, Caucasian female with brown hair pulled back in a ponytail with sunglasses pushed up on her head wearing a dark and light pink flowered, short sleeve shirt who is sitting beside a middle-aged smiling Caucasian female college student wearing a white, short sleeve t-shirt.

New Year! New You! Augusta Technical College offers Non-Credit Training Courses to provide and/or enhance skills for today's workforce. View the Continuing Education and Workforce Development training schedule for Spring 2020.



Two caucasian Surgical Assistant students wearing blue surgical scrubs, white latex gloves, white surgical masks with a blue stripe, and blue hair covers stand, looking down while focusing on an assignment in front of wooden, brown, wall-mounted cabinets full of medical supplies above a white wall and white outlet.Augusta Technical College is now accepting applications for Fall 2020 Competitive Allied Health Sciences & Nursing ProgramsLearn More>>


 Three smiling, female, Caucasian students sitting at a round, grey stone table: the first has brown hair with blond highlights worn down and is wearing a black shirt and a black skirt with multi-colored polka dots and is pictured with a stack of paper under her crossed arms on the table with a ring of keys including yellow and white cards and a black cell phone; the second has brown hair worn down and black rimmed glasses with a lavendar pink shirt, she is pictured with a tall, teal and black water bottle, a shorter solid black water bottle, and her cell phone with a lavendar back and white edges; and the third has on a blue, collared button up shirt with white polka dots and tan pants, she is pictured with her car keys and a cell phone with white, horizontal bars on the upper and lower portion of the face.Augusta Technical College offers 100+ Credit Programs of Study, Non-Credit Industry Training, and Adult Education preparation  to give you the tools and skills needed for a long-term career. Learn More>

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