Traffic and Parking Regulations

On Campus Parking Information


All students, faculty, and staff must have a current, properly displayed parking permit on their vehicle while parked on campus. Permits can be obtained in Student Accounts office, located in the 100 building.  You will need your Student ID #, year, make, model of vehicle, and the tag number to register your vehicle and get a permit.


When operating your vehicle on-campus, the following are violations of the College policy as well as some county and state laws:

  1. exceeding posted speed limit;
  2. parking in illegal, restricted or reserved zones;
  3. parking on lawns or walks;
  4. no campus parking permit;
  5. driving on sidewalks, walkways, shrubs, or lawn;
  6. parking adjacent to all curbs, including yellow curbs, or areas posted ‘no parking’;
  7. running a stop sign;
  8. any other violation of county and state laws.
  9. parking in a space marked “Visitor” (spaces marked “Visitor” are not reserved for currently registered/enrolled students).


VISITOR PARKING                                                              

Visitor parking is reserved for visitors (non-students) to the campus.


Spaces marked “Reserved” are reserved for faculty/staff ONLY.


It is unlawful to park any vehicle in a parking space clearly designated for handicapped persons unless the vehicle bears the distinguishing license plate or placard provided by the State Department of Transportation and is being operated or used by the person for whom the license plate or placard was issued.


These regulations are in effect 24 hours a day.  Violations will be enforced and are subject to penalties and fines as imposed by the College, as well as by county and state law.  Students who are delinquent in the payment of fines will not be allowed to register for subsequent terms or receive term grade reports, transcripts, diplomas or other student records until all fines are paid.  Hazardous and improperly parked vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Parking permits do not guarantee a space at a particular building.