Student Records Procedures relating to the establishment, utilization, availability, and retention of student records are in accordance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended, the policies of Augusta Technical College, the State Board of Technical and Adult Education, and the Records Management Office Procedures and Regulations as established by the State of Georgia. Students, alumni, and other former students should contact the Student Records office on all matters relating to their academic records, transfer of credit, withdrawal, graduation, and other governmental or college certificates. Directory Information “Directory Information” is information not generally considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Effective July 1, 2016, the College has designated the following information as “Directory Information”:  

  • Full name of student
  •  Address(es)
  •  Email address(es)
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Major and field(s) of study
  • Enrollment status (full time, part-time, etc.)
  • Degrees and awards including nature and date received
  • Dates of attendance
  • Participation in official activities and sports
  • Weight and height of members of athletic team

Students who wish to prohibit the release of directory information should file a written notification with the Office of Student Records on the Augusta Campus.