Microsoft Word/Excel/ PowerPoint/ Access

Fast Course Computer Training

Learn the features and functionality of Microsoft applications in one day or less!

Microsoft Excel 2016 Training

  • Basic MS Excel- Level 1 only $95
    • Topics: introduction to worksheets, formatting sheets and cells; rearranging data, working with rows, cells, and columns; managing multiple worksheets; data visualization with charts and images; organizing large amounts of data; and more. Workbook: FastCourse Microsoft Excel 2016: Level 1 is available in the college bookstore.
  • Intermediate MS Excel - Level 2 only $95
    • Topics:  advanced formatting, themes, cell styles, customizing page setup; date and time functions, conditional formatting; advanced functions for text and analysis; lookup functions; and more. Workbook: FastCourse Microsoft Excel 2016: Level 2 is available in the college bookstore.
  • Advanced MS Excel - Level 3 only $95
    • This is an advanced course that will challenge students.  Topics: working with tables, calculated columns, structured references, table features; financial functions, PivotTables and PivotCharts; and macros, workbook protection. Workbook: FastCourse  Microsoft Excel 2016: Level 3 is available in the college bookstore.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Training

  • Basic MS PowerPoint - Level 1 only $95
    • Ideal for people new to MS PowerPoint. Topics: formatting slides, document themes, bulleted lists, outlines, formatting text, printing presentations transitions, clip art and graphics, charts, slide show delivery, and more. Workbook: FastCourse Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: Level 1 is available in the college bookstore.

Microsoft Word 2016 Training

  • Basic MS Word Level 1 only $95
    • Ideal for people new to MS Word. Topics: documents 101, creating documents, formatting and editing text; introducing tables, formatting and modifying, data storing; visual objects, shapes, text boxes; creating business reports; and more. Workbook: FastCourse Microsoft Word 2016: Level 1 is available in the college bookstore.