Augusta Technical College

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Paying for College

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw before the term begins or during the first three days of the term may receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees if their financial obligations have been satisfied. No refund is granted for withdrawals after the 3rd day of the term. Student Accounts will process refunds after the third week of the term.

Students must follow the Withdrawal Policy as issued by the Registrar's Office. Students receiving financial aid are required to visit the Financial Aid Office to be cleared before submitting their withdrawal forms to the Registrar. During this visit, the student's financial aid and course load will be reviewed.

The Return of Title IV Funds Policy applies to all students who have, or could have been, disbursed federal funds. In accordance with federal regulations, the institution and the student are required to return unearned portions of Title IV assistance (federal grants). This return of unearned funds only applies to students who have completely withdrawn. The return of funds is based upon the percentage of time the student attended the institution. The percentage of time completed is determined by dividing the number of days prior to complete withdrawal by the total days of the semester. The earned percentage (rounded) is then subtracted from 100 percent, which then gives the unearned percentage.

For more information, view Withdrawal and Return to Title IV (R2T4).

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