Checklist: First 3 Days

Use this checklist to ensure you do the following within the first 3 days of your course.

  1. Read the syllabus.
  2. Find the course schedule/due dates.
  3. Get the required textbooks.
  4. Determine the instructor's preferred method of contact.
  5. Establish communication with your instructor.
  6. Find information about required proctored events.
  7. Locate the address and access information for any other websites or programs used in the class.

Student Survey Replies

The most important thing for a student who is new to online classes to know at the beginning of the semester

Numbers at the front indicate how many students answered similarly.

6 Classes are not self-paced, so make a study schedule

5 Check Blackboard at least 3 times a week

4 Read everything, particularly the syllabus

4 Learn the difference between Smartweb, Badge, and Blackboard

2 Communicate with your teacher

2 It is not easy

2 Do not skip any assignment, even if it's not for a grade

2 You need a laptop

Do not miss deadlines or get behind

You will learn more about your instructors and classmates if you share information on the discussion boards

Check your grades often

Log into classes the first day and get familiar with the set up, read the syllabus, and print out deadlines for assignments and tests

The most important tip for success in any type of class

Numbers at the front indicate how many students answered similarly.

7 Pay attention to when things are due and do them

6 Study!

4 Complete your work before the due date

4 You have to be organized and keep a serious classwork schedule

3 You have to log in at least every other day and look for announcements from your instructors

3 Always take notes

2 It takes a lot of work

Come to class and never miss class

Use resources available to you i.e. study guides, flash cards, study tools

Stay focused and work hard!!!

Do all of the practice activities

Don't cheat

Ask questions


Students' favorite activities

Numbers at the front indicate how many students answered similarly.

7 the discussion boards

6 practice questions/games

5 introducing myself and reading other people's introductions and interests.

4 publisher videos

2 Bonus questions that can be helpful towards student grades and that's very nice thing to do.

Launchpad videos

The online textbook

My math lab

Practicing writing

Oral presentations

Instructor explanation of where things are in Blackboard


Students' favorite things about Blackboard

Numbers at the front indicate how many students answered similarly.

10 Access to grades

8 Materials and assignments for all classes are in one place

6 Being able to work from anywhere, any hours of the day

3 It's easy to navigate

2 Announcements

2 Communicating with others in the class


Being able to work ahead

Different types of activities for different learning preferences

Links to online tutoring and practice activities

The Blackboard app

The calendar

The feedback