Online with Lecture Classes


OWL classes are fully online classes. In addition to the fully online courses, the instructor provides 1 hour per week of on-campus lectures. These on-campus sessions are completely optional for students. Students who do not attend the on campus sessions are still able to access all instructional materials in the online classroom.

Classes are coded as O, online, with days and times listed. OWL in the section number indicates that the hours and times are optional.

Students can come to all of the lecture sessions, just those covering topics with which the student wants extra explanation, or none. The content is all still covered in the online portion of the class.

The lecture portion of the class gives students the opportunities to hear the instructor cover the important information, ask questions in person, and meet and talk with other classmates. Some instructors will include discussion sessions in the lecture portion.

Here is what an OWL class will look like:

Course listing pointing out that the schedule type is online, the scheduled meeting time is optional lecture, and that it is an OWL section.