Blackboard Information and FAQs

New Student Distance Education and Blackboard Information

Welcome to Augusta Tech! At some point during your enrollment here, you will take a distance education class. Grades, assignments, announcements, and other course information for most Distance Education classes will be on Blackboard Den.

We offer a variety of class types to meet your scheduling and learning preferences.

Class types:

  • Campus (CA) – classes meet on campus for most contact hours and use Blackboard Den for some content and assignments. No Badge required.

  • Blended (BL) – classes meet on campus or at a specific time online for a portion of the contact hours, but most teaching content and assignments are asynchronous in Blackboard Den. Students are required to participate in both the synchronous and the asynchronous portions. Badge required.

  • Online Asynchronous (OA) – classes are fully online. There are no required live meetings. Due dates are weekly. Exams or other proctored assignments will use webcams, lockdown browsers, or other methods of verifying identity. Badge is required.

  • OWL – online classes, as above, but students have the option to attend a lecture once a week. Badge is required.

  • Online Synchronous (OS) - classes are fully online. Live meetings are required on days and times scheduled in Banner. Exams or other proctored assignments will use webcams, lockdown browsers, or other methods of verifying identity. Badge is required.

  • ECampus – online classes, either synchronous or asynchronous as above, but through a different Blackboard link.

    Badge: Badge is a training course that introduces students to policies and technologies used for online courses at Augusta Tech. Badge takes 2-3 hours to complete. There is no charge for Badge. You must register for courses before you can take Badge Training. You must complete Badge Training before the first week of the semester ends. It is preferable if you complete Badge Training before the semester starts. 

    To register for Badge, go to Blackboard Den and self enroll. Use your Smartweb user name and password to log in.

Online Course Procedures:

  • Make sure you use the right link: Blackboard Den or eCampus (a schedule example is here:
  • Your courses will appear under Course List on the first day of class. ECampus course dates may vary: check your schedule.
  • You are responsible for protecting your privacy and academic security. Do not share passwords or personal identification information.

First Week: Log into Blackboard and get started right away. Do not wait for your instructor to contact you. You need to submit your weekly assignments to establish attendance to remain enrolled in online class(es), so prompt attention is important.

Drop/Add period: If you add a course during drop/add period, email your instructor to let him or her know you are joining the class late. If you withdraw from a class and still see it in your Blackboard course list, email to have the course removed.

Instructor Contact: You will have access to instructors by e-mail or by appointment with the instructor on campus or web conference. Maintaining contact with your instructor is important for successful completion of a distance education course. You will find your instructor’s contact information once you are in the course.

Proctored Assignments: Online students are required to attend at least one proctored event, such as a final exam, for each course. Students will have to provide a picture ID to the instructor at the time of the proctored event(s). There are no additional fees associated with the identification process. Students will take their proctored events at the campus of their instructor (Blended courses only), through a video submission, or using a Lockdown browser. The Lockdown browser download will be available in the class. Students without download capabilities may use the library computers, by appointment, for tests requiring Lockdown browser. Contact your instructor if you have a transient status. Transient students must complete the Proctoring Form located in their course. Students will be responsible for any fees associated with an outside proctoring site. Students who do not submit the proctored assignment are not eligible for a passing grade in an online class.

Technical Support: If you are experiencing problems with Badge or Blackboard, please complete the Help Form on the Login page of Blackboard or visit the Success Center

Withdrawal Procedure: Use Smartweb to drop the course. Continue to check your Banner schedule in Smartweb to be sure that you have been withdrawn.

NOTICE: Some online/hybrid courses use books that require an "Access Key." This Access Key is ONLY available with new books, or purchased directly from the publisher. It is your responsibility to check with the instructor of your online course to determine if the course will require an Access Key. Please do this before you purchase your books for online/hybrid classes.

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