Badge Instructions

Badge is a 3 hour training course located in Blackboard. 

You can register for Badge on Coursesites using these steps:

  1. Go to CourseSites Registration.
  2. Create an account.  If you already have a New CourseSites account, sign in with the old account.
    • CourseSites Create an Account Page Screenshot
    • Fill in the registration information on the next screen.  Use your SmartWeb email address if you have one.
    • For your username and password, use the first 3 letters of your name (capitalize the first letter in the password) and your student ID #.  In the password, put an exclamation point after the student ID #.
      • Note - the user name doesn't allow capital letters or special characters.  The password requires them.
        • Example:
          • Username - cam90012345
          • Password - Cam90012345!
      • If you do not have a student ID # yet, use your telephone number after the first 3 letters instead.
  3. Once in CourseSites, click on The Badge.
    • CourseSites Courses Screenshot
  4. Once you are in the course, click on the purple title to open the instructions.
    • CourseSites - Inside the course screenshot

Recommendations for an awesome Badge Training experience.

If you encounter technical problems during account creation:

  1. Send an email to Cameron Bentley (
  2. Include the following information:
    • First and last names
    • Student id#
    • SmartWeb email address
  3. Look for a reply in your SmartWeb email within 24 hours (except on weekends).
    • You may use another email address to send the help request, but your SmartWeb address is needed for the account creation.