Academic Policies - Distance Education

Important Policy Notes for Students

  • Students will have access to their courses in Blackboard on the first day of the term.  Courses will not appear before the term begins.
  • All online courses require presentation of a picture ID for completion of proctored activities. Students must complete proctored activities in order to be eligible to pass an online course.
  • Students are not allowed to give their Blackboard user names or passwords to anyone.

Distance Education Student Code of Conduct

  • A student’s password will allow access only to his/her own account.
  • Students should not give out their passwords or allow any other person, including family members, to access their account for any reason.
  • It is a violation of section II. B. 5. K. 1. f of the student code of conduct policy for any student to log in to a course as another student.
  • It is also a violation of the policy for a student to permit another person to log in to a course using the password belonging to the student registered for the course or interact in the course in any way.
  • It is a violation of section II. B. 5. K. 2 of the student code of conduct policy for any student to plagiarize another person’s work and to incorporate that work unacknowledged in one’s own work offered for credit.

Distance Education Testing Rules

  • Augusta Tech students who attend any of the three campuses, are enrolled in a program, and taking an online course, must take any proctored event/exams at the campus of their instructor.
  • GA Technical schools transient students are proctored through their home school and need to contact instructors in advance.
  • Other transient students must locate an official proctoring site in their area – the public library, other colleges, military base education site, etc. and provide instructors the contact information in advance. Students will be responsible for any fees associated with using an outside proctoring site.
  • A Proctored Exam Request form is available in the Distance Education resource section of the Augusta Tech website.
  • Student’s picture ID will be checked prior to the administering of any proctored activity.

Distance Education Online Attendance Policy

To complete this class successfully, students are required to participate in Blackboard and complete assignments within a weekly period (7 calendar days). Academic submissions, not course login, verify a student’s presence and participation. The date of the last academic submission will serve as the last date of attendance for students who withdraw from an online course or complete the course with an F. 

Distance Education Student-Initiated Withdrawal from Course(s)

Student-Initiated Withdrawal from Courses: It is the student's responsibility to initiate an official withdraw from any course utilizing the SmartWeb Banner Registration portal.

Academic Honesty Statement


It is my honor to be an Augusta Technical College student. I pledge to do honor to myself, my classmates, and my college by doing my best and by following the college’s honor code. I will not dishonor myself or my college by lying, cheating, stealing, or doing harm to another person or property. I understand that following an honor code is a reflection of my work ethics which is important to my success on the job and in life. 

Student Authentication and Privacy Information

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Augusta Technical College protects the privacy of students enrolled in distance education courses by insuring the privacy and integrity of the communications and records used within the approved Learning Management System (LMS) course. Augusta Technical College also adheres to the Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC) Privacy Policy.

Personal information is specific to the user. No personal identifiable information is visibly displayed within a distance education course unless the student voluntarily provides the information through a Discussion Forum or other means of interaction within a course. Students are required to use only course or College email for communication. Any other personal identifiable information residing within a course is restricted to LMS administrators and is not shared with any source outside of the Technical College System of Georgia.

Every student registered in a distance education course at the College receives a unique login. The identification number assigned to students allows them access to their course content which resides within the College LMS. The password provided is unique. Students change the password by answering secret questions or making a request through the IT Helpdesk. Students may change their password at any time.

Testing Policy

Students are required to attend at least one proctored exam for every distance education course. Instructors may give up to three proctored events per semester. The student must show picture identification prior to accessing the exam. Any student who needs to complete their proctored event off campus must complete a Proctored Event Request Form located in the Online Resources tab that is available in every distance education course site. Students will be responsible for any fees associated with using an outside proctoring site. Picture identification is required prior to the student accessing the exam at any proctoring site.

There are no additional fees associated with the authentication of student identification.