Leadership Skills for New and Emerging Leaders

Leadership Skills Series for New and Emerging Leaders

Peer Yesterday…Leader Today (4 hours)
Transitioning from a peer to a leader can be a challenge! New leaders are often introduced to gray areas, and they need to build confidence and apply strategies to successfully negotiate challenging situations. This course enables newly promoted leaders to successfully make the transition from co-worker to leader.
Leadership Overview (4 hours)
The role of leadership has evolved over the past few decades. Participants will learn about Situational Leadership and apply the model to different situations, determining the most effective approach to take based on numerous factors such as employee willingness, ability, time on the job, and experience. Participants will also develop a measurable goal for self-development.
Employee Engagement (4 hours)
This course will define what employee engagement is, how to identify employee’s personal level of engagement, and how employee engagement affects a company’s bottom line. You will also learn how to create an Action Plan to strengthen employee engagement.
Communication Skills for Leaders (4 hours)
Leaders must be able to communicate with every level of the organization. Participants will engage in activities that focus on strategies for effective filter-free speaking, active barrier-free listening, and tailoring messages to fit one’s audience.
Coaching in Action (4 hours)
The course examines the impact and effectiveness of coaching others for success. Participants will focus on developing and assessing performance and utilizing feedback and rewards. Understanding how to apply these coaching skills will empower leaders with the ability to positively lead employee performance every day. Prerequisite: Communication Skills for Leaders.
Conflict Resolution for Leaders (4 hours)
Understanding the sources of conflict, identifying conflict or potential conflict situations, and recognizing typical behaviors in conflict situations is vital to good leadership. Leaders will be provided with skills to resolve and reduce conflict and create a positive team environment.
COST: Open Enrollment is $375 per person for entire series or $75 per module.
Closed Enrollment is $575 per training module for a group of up to 8 employees from the same company.
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