Quentin White

Title: Recruitment Specialist/High School Coordinator
Department: Admissions
E-mail: quentin.white@augustatech.edu
Phone: 706-771-4152
Office: Building 1300, Room 227

What do you like most about your job?: I enjoy interacting with our students. I know how difficult going back to school can be, but I enjoy offering support to our student body and at the end of the day see them achieve their goals. 

What is your advice to anyone who’s applying?: This is the first step to achieving their goals! They have made a decision to change their lives, now it’s time to see it through to the finish line! 

What is something potential students may not know about Augusta Tech?: We have some exceptional professors who are extremely knowledgeable in their fields of study, having firsthand experience that will be beneficial for our student’s success!

What is your favorite campus event?:  I personally like the campus tours. It gives me the personal opportunity to express what our institution has to offer, and show key components of our history and commitment to our scholars. 

What is something you’d like potential students to know about you?: I would like students to know that I understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. I have an open door policy at all times and always willing to support and assist them through their educational journey. Come see me anytime!