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"Welcome to the School of Cyber and Design Media.  We offer many exciting programs within this division, all of which can lead to numerous employment opportunities.  Come discover with us your next steps toward training for a new career! "

Tammy O'Brien
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Our Cyber and Cyber Related programs offer students a multitude of training opportunities to support the overwhelming need for employees in the field of IT in both business and government sectors.  Students can choose from Computer Programming, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Computer Networking, and Computer Support, as well as numerous Technical Certificates of Credit. The courses offer intensive hands-on training covering emerging trends using innovative technology.  The Design and Media Production Technology program is constantly evolving to support new technology through engaging lecture and hands on training.  Coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and industry software, the program prepares students for employment in a wide range of design-based industries including corporate identity/branding, advertising, print production, web design, photography, videography, and other avenues of visual communication.


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