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Check before you click!



Augusta Tech has 2 Blackboard platforms. Check your schedule to determine whether your class is on Blackboard Den or eCampus.

Most classes will be on Blackboard Den. If your class schedule shows eCampus Platform as the location of a class, then click on the eCampus icon to login.


Blackboard Den logo - a capitalized B and lowercase d in white font with a white outline cougar head overlapping halfway on the B.

Blackboard Den

Login for most classes here


The eCampus logo - a lowercase e above the word Campus in black font on a white back ground. A green dot with 2 green arced lines are to the right of the e above campus.

eCampus Blackboard

Login for classes ending in ECP or labeled ECampus Platform here

In order to provide a wide variety of courses, Augusta Technical College currently offers two different platforms for courses:
eCampus and Blackboard Den.

The word Blackboard in white font on a green background. The cougar head is in the lower space on the B facing to the right and snarling.

Courses marked as Ecampus Platform Campus will only be accessible through eCampus and all other courses will be accessible through Blackboard Den. Check your course start dates on your schedule. Courses will be visible in the correct Blackboard on the start date listed for the course on your schedule.

To find your student schedule, go to BannerWeb. Below is an example of the Concise Student Schedule showing Ecampus Platform as the campus:
An example of a concise student schedule. The words Concise Student Schedule are indicated by a green rectangular outline and a green arrow pointing from the right. The course listings are shown and the campus of the first course, Ecampus Platform, is indicated by a green oval outline.



Getting Started with Blackboard

  • eCampus students will use the same Resources page as Blackboard Den students.
  • Badge training demonstrates the Blackboard Den user interface; eCampus courses may appear slightly different.
  • Blackboard Den, eCampus, and Smartweb login all go through a portal called Okta. You need to set up Okta before you can login. To set up Okta, or to reset your password, go to the Student Guides at

IT Help Desk Contact Information: (password or login help)

IT Help Desk Contact Information:

Phone: (706) 771-4864

The IT Helpdesk cannot help with Badge or Blackboard questions.
For Badge and Blackboard help, email