The Gathering




WHEN: Saturday, September 25, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
WHERE:  Augusta Technical College - Augusta Campus
3200 Augusta Tech Dr.
Augusta, GA 30906


Join us as we celebrate 60 years of providing high quality, affordable workforce development and technical education throughout the CSRA with family friendly music, games, and demonstrations from our programs.

The Gathering will feature food trucks from Jerk City, Bon Appeticas, Jackson Legacy BBQ, Ono Ice, and Sinless Sweets.

A navy blue circle with a gold circular outline just inside the edge. The words Jerk City are stacked on top of each other, centered on the blue circle with the circle in the R shaped liked a five pointed star. A yellow five pointed star is centered below City inside the gold circular outline. The whole image is tilted at a 15 degree angle to the left of center.

The words Bon Appeti Tica's is stacked in three rows shifted to the right from the previous line in a lime green stylized font and A Spoonful of Love in black font centered below. An image of an African American chef in a white chef's shirt and apron holding a steaming white ladle is behind the text on the right side.


A black horizontally oriented oval with the words Jackson Legacy in white font separated by a large five pointed white star arcing over five red flames with a blue aura. The word Barbecue is in yellow capitalized letters over the bottom of the flames and EST. 2013 is in a white type writer style font below it on the black oval.

An orange shaka hand sign featuring a tangle design with the words Ono Ice in white font outlined in orange centered on the palm. A weathered yellow rectangular bar is below the hand and an orange sun outline composed of weathered orange triangles surrounds both.


A cupcake outline composed of pink icing, black sprinkles, and a brown baking cup with the words Sinless Sweets in grey cursive across the center of the baking cup. The words Treats Without the Cheats are in pink capitalized letters below the cupcake.


The Gathering will also include a free onsite health fair with blood pressure, weight, glucose and hemoglobin, dental, and pulmonary screenings. Our community partner, Medical Associate Plus, will be on site along with safety demonstrations and alternative health information.

Check out live demonstrations from our programs including:

  • Cake Walk from Culinary Arts
  • A Hair Show from Cosmetology
  • The Educycle from Chemistry
  • Live How-To Demonstrations from Welding
  • Exhibitions from Automotive Technology

We will have admissions and financial aid staff on site to help you get registered for our minimester--starting the following Tuesday, September 28--or the Spring 2022 semester--starting January 10, 2022.


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