Shannon DeConda, Director of Regulator Compliance, President of NAMAS
Doctors Management
School of Health Sciences

Shannon DeConda is a partner at healthcare consulting firm, Doctors Management and is the Director of Regulatory Compliance and President of the educational division, NAMAS, which she founded for the company 16 years ago. Shannon has worked in healthcare virtually her whole life, beginning as a volunteer candy striper and continuing through her work as an ER liaison, pharmacy tech, and billing clerk while working her way through the Respiratory Therapy Program at Augusta Technical Institute.

As a respiratory therapist, Ms. DeConda had the opportunity to work not only in a hospital setting, but also nursing homes and home health where her love of helping patients intersected with the reimbursement side of healthcare.

Ms. DeConda has continued her career using the clinical training earned as the basis of knowledge that has pushed her forward on the "backend" of healthcare. Today, she has successfully established an auditing certification organization, launched the first national certification for medical auditors, sold the credential, and re-established a follow up specialized credential also nationally established with full recognition. She has authored numerous manuals and resources within this healthcare space and is a sought after speaker and educator with her trademark hands-on training philosophy which creates a relaxed and easy-to-learn atmosphere whether in a conference hall of 1,000 or a classroom of 10. Shannon and her NAMAS team of instructors have trained nearly 5,000 physicians, providers, and medical auditors including Recovery Auditor Contractors (RAC), Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) auditors, and Department of Justice (DOJ) auditors.