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Technical Communication

Program Advisor Contact Information

Jessica Shine
Instructor, Job Acquisition Skills/Psychology
Phone: (706) 771-4117

Program Description:  The Technical Communications Specialist technical certificate of credit introduces students to some of the most important aspects of writing and oral communication skills along with the technical proficiency to translate technical information to various audiences. This program serves as a stand-alone career path or as a supplemental area of expertise taken in concert with another program of study. The sequence of classes encompasses the traditional core classes required of associate and baccalaureate studies.  Some of these classes may transfer to area colleges and universities; a grade of “C” or higher is required in all courses presented for graduation. High school graduation or GED is required for admission to this program.

Program Objectives:  This program is primarily designed for the associate degree level student that is in the process of exploring and deciding upon a career choice.  By enrolling in the Technical Communications Specialist technical certificate of credit, students can begin taking classes without declaring a major program area. Once a student decides upon a program of study, many of the courses in the Technical Communications Specialist will transfer into other programs of study.   This program may also fill a need for students that want to attend school but will need to transfer to other institutions in order to complete their educational goals.

Employment Opportunities:  Students awarded the Technical Communications Specialist technical certificate of credit could transfer into other associate degree level programs of study. Students completing the certificate program would qualify for entry-level jobs requiring strong written and oral communication skills in a variety of business, health, and industrial organizations.