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How much does it cost to apply?



If I attended Augusta Technical College previously or submitted an application previously is there a cost to reapply?

Not at this time.


Is Augusta Technical College on the quarter system or the semester system? 

Augusta Technical College transitioned from the quarter system to the semester system in August 2011.


What else do I need to submit to be considered for a program at Augusta Technical College?

“Official” sealed copies of high school/GED transcripts and official transcripts from all colleges attended


Should a student get transcripts before or after applying at Augusta Tech? 

Apply first, then secure “official” transcripts.


If I have a college degree do I need to submit my high school/GED transcript? 

Applicants with verifiable associate degrees or above would only be required to submit official transcripts from all colleges attended.


Do I need to take a placement test? 

Applicants who do not submit placement test scores or who do not receive transfer of credit awarded by the registrar based on review of college transcripts will be required to take the college placement test (COMPASS).


What placement tests does Augusta Technical College accept?

ACT, COMPASS, & SAT.  Test scores must not be older than 60 months.


Once I have applied to Augusta Technical College when will I hear back from the Admissions Office? 

Normally within 7- 10 working days, but it varies depending on the program of study you have selected. Not all programs admit students every term.


I do not have a high school diploma or GED.  Can I apply to a program at Augusta Technical College? 

Yes.  You may apply for one of a select group of programs which allows a student to begin his/her college education while working on the GED.  Contact Counseling Services at 706/771-4067/4068/4070 to discuss these program options.


Does Augusta Technical College have application deadlines? 

The Admissions Office will post recommended full-review deadlines for completion of your admission file.  Students meeting these deadlines can reasonably be assured that their application for admission and financial aid will be fully processed.  The Admissions Office recommends applying as early as possible for any program in which you are interested, since students are invited to register for classes on a first-applied, first-qualified basis.  Deadlines for competitive admission programs are listed on page 15 of the College Catalog.


How do I register for classes?

New students will receive a letter and email with registration details to include date, time, & location of registration.  Current students may see their advisor, select their classes and then register online through SmartWeb.


What does it mean to secure my schedule?

After you have registered for your classes you must pay for those classes either thru financial aid or payment.  You secure your schedule by going to the Student Accounts Office in Building 100 on the Augusta campus (the admissions office on the branch campuses) and picking up your official schedule and/or book voucher.  If you owe any money you will be notified by the Student Accounts office.  That balance must be paid in order to secure your schedule.


What if I don’t secure my schedule? 

If you don’t secure your schedule it will be dropped at the close of business on the day before the term starts.


Does Augusta Technical College have a catalog? 

Yes.  It is available on the college web site at


If a student is unsure of a program of study, where would he/she go for assistance? 

Counseling Services located in Building 1300 adjacent to Financial Aid.  Phone: (706) 771-4068 or (706) 771-4067.


Is there more than one Augusta Technical College campus? 

Yes.  Augusta Technical College has its main campus in Augusta as well as campuses in Thomson (McDuffie County) and Waynesboro (Burke County) and a Columbia County Center.


Why is it important to know the student ID number? 

Your student ID number will be used to identify you throughout your collegiate career at Augusta Technical College.


Does Augusta Technical College have campus housing? 



Admissions – Recruitment


How can I schedule a campus visit?

Contact Recruiting Specialist, Charles McDonald, in advance or 706-771-4029 to schedule your individual, family, or group campus visit.


How can I get information mailed to me?

Contact Recruiting Specialist, Charles McDonald, in advance or 706-771-4029 to schedule your individual, family, or group campus visit.


Can I get a catalog mailed to me?

Augusta Tech no longer prints the college catalog, but you can view the catalog in full on our website.


How do I enroll at Augusta Tech?

Enrollment is easy at Augusta Technical College, but you must follow several steps before you can register for classes.

  1. First, apply for admission to your desired program of study. First-time applicants must submit a $25.00 application fee along with their application for admission.

  2. Second, provide proof that you have completed the high school diploma or GED (and any college classes) by requesting that your official transcript(s) be sent to Augusta Technical College, Student Records, 3200 Augusta Tech Drive, Augusta, GA 30906.

  3. Third, if required, you must submit a placement test score (ACT, SAT, or COMPASS). If you have never taken a placement test, the Admissions Office will schedule a date for you to take the COMPASS test at Augusta Tech after you have applied for admission to the college.

  4. Fourth, once you have submitted all of the above items, the Admissions Office will make an admission decision and contact you to let you know when to come to choose your schedule and register for classes.


Admissions - Testing Services


What is the purpose for taking the COMPASS test?

The COMPASS test is a placement test.  The results will determine at which level of classes a student will begin.


How soon should the COMPASS test be taken?

The admissions office will determine whether or not you need to take the COMPASS test after review of your application.


How soon are the COMPASS test scores received?

You receive your COMPASS test scores immediately after completion of the test.


Why is the COMPASS test necessary when a program doesn’t require English or Math?

The test is required because of the academic rigor of the program.


Why isn’t COMPASS testing given more than once a month in the evening? 

The COMPASS test is administered numerous times throughout the week at all three Augusta Technical College campuses.  Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Testing Administrator at (706) 771-4153 to discuss the testing schedule if there is an issue with date/time.


Career Services


Will Augusta Tech help find me a job, or does Augusta Tech provide job placement services?

Augusta Tech’s Career Center is not a job placement office, so we do not “place you in a job.” However, the Career Center offers job search assistance to currently enrolled students and to graduates, such as on-campus career fairs, classroom workshops, individual résumé building, mock interviews, free fax service for job applications, and access to a job search website.


Will the Career Center type my résumé?

No. We are not a typing service, but we can help you get started. You can use a Career Center computer with printer to type, save, and print your own résumé, cover letter, and other job search correspondence.


Where is the Career Center?

The Career Center is located in the 1300 Building.


What services does the Career Center provide to employers?

The Career Center provides a free job posting service for employers as well as invites employers to two career fairs per year. The Career Center also helps coordinate and promote employer recruiting on campus. Employers may also use facilities on campus to conduct interviews.


Does the Career Center have a website?

Yes.  To access the Career Center website, click here.


Who can I contact to learn more about Career Services?

To learn more about Career Services, contact Donna Wendt at


Counseling Services – Academic/Career


What is an Early Alert Referral and what is the procedure?

An Early Alert Referral is a referral made by self (student) or by another (faculty or staff) for assistance from a counselor in the Counseling Center.  The assistance ranges from guidance for academic success by utilizing time management, study strategies and test anxiety strategies to assistance with locating community resources for issues conflicting with the student’s ability to perform at his or her best.

A student may make a referral by contacting a counselor in the Counseling Center by phone, Email or a visit to the Counseling Center.  A faculty or staff member may refer a student by completing the Early Alert Referral Form and forwarding it to the Counseling Center by Campus Mail, Email or Fax.


What is Career Counseling?  Why should I complete a Career Assessment? How can I schedule a Career Assessment?

Career Counseling is an opportunity for an applicant or current student to discuss career options available and which career options best match the individual’s interests and aptitudes (skills).  Career Assessments available include the Self-Directed Search, the Tech Prep Career Survey, Career Scope and GCIS Career Tools/Exploration.

Completing a Career Assessment may assist an individual with gaining a better perspective on the direction to take his or her career path.  Determining a direction prior to beginning classes or early in an individual’s academic career may aid the student from taking unnecessary classes and utilizing resources needed to complete a better suited program.

To schedule a career assessment, contact the Career Counselor for an appointment at 706-771-4068.


When can I take the COMPASS Placement Test over?  How do I appeal a current score?

The COMPASS Placement Test is administered to applicants without previous English or Math/Algebra classes or placement scores.

The COMPASS scores remain current for 5 years.  Exit Tests or Retests are granted to students completing the learning support sequence for a subject or after a student has graduated from a diploma and has applied for a degree.

To appeal to retest prior to completing the learning support sequence or graduating from a diploma program a student/applicant completes a COMPASS Appeal Form.  The form requires the individual to indicate the qualifying reason why a retest should be granted.  The Director of Admissions will review the request and render a decision within 7-10 business days.


Counseling Services - Special Needs/Disability


How do I apply for admission to Augusta Technical College?

Students with a Disability must follow the same admission procedures as all other students by completing and submitting the Augusta Technical College Application for Admission. If you need assistance completing your application the Disability Counselor will assist you.


Where can I find information about services for students with Disability?

It is in the Catalog and Student Handbook.  Visit the Augusta Technical College web site at  Send e-mail to Special Needs Counselor, Karissa Davis Wright, at or by calling (706) 771-4067.


Are the admission standards modified for students with Disability?

No, students with Disability must meet the same admission and program requirements as all other students.


Is there a fee for Disability Services?

Students are not charged a fee for Disability Services.


Does the Disability Services Office advocate for students?

Yes, Disability Services advocates for students who have registered with that office and believe that they are experiencing discrimination because of their disability.


Will I automatically receive services each quarter?

No, you must renew your request each quarter by making an appointment to meet with the Disability Services Counselor.


How do I request accommodations?

Students wishing to access disability services must self-identify by one of the following:

  1. Completing the Special Populations Survey at the time of registration.

  2. Submitting appropriate documentation.

  3. Requesting your instructor to complete an Early Alert Form.

  4. Making an appointment with the Disability Counselor.


How will I know if I'm eligible to receive reasonable accommodations?

After your documentation has been received and reviewed by the Disability Services Counselor, you will be contacted to discuss eligibility and receive a Classroom Accommodation form for each course you are registered for. You will be required to make an appointment with the Disability Counselor to complete the classroom accommodation form every quarter in order to receive services and/or accommodations for the next quarter. YOU WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE SERVICES EACH QUARTER.


Will you discuss my progress at Augusta Technical College with my parents?

Augusta Technical College cannot normally discuss any information about your progress at Augusta Tech with a third party, including your parents, unless you authorize us to do so in writing in advance. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and College policy regarding the release and disclosure of student information prohibit the disclosure of confidential information to anyone but the student.


Will you discuss my disability with my instructors, Vice Presidents, President, other students, etc.?

Under normal circumstances the Disability Counselor is prohibited by ADA/504 to discuss a student’s disability with any one on campus. If we/I think that disclosing your disability will make you more successful at Augusta Technical College I will ask you in advance before disclosing any of your confidential information. If we/I feel that you may be a threat to yourself or others by law we are mandated to disclose your disability, but the Disability Counselor will provide notice to you in writing before doing so. If you file an appeal for Financial Aid, Academic Suspension, or feel that you have been discriminated against by the Disability Services Office your disability may or may not be disclosed in the investigation process, but you will be notified at the time of your appeal hearing/process.


Will Augusta Technical College provide me an interpreter if I’m hearing impaired/deaf?

Yes, but due to the shortage of Certified Interpreters in the CSRA area and the hiring process we highly recommend that you inform Augusta Technical College’s Disability Services Office at least 3 months in advance of your interest and possible enrollment to the College.


Will Augusta Technical College provide me with an assistant and with assistive technology if I’m vision impaired/blind?

Yes, but due to the hiring process and the time needed to order books on CD and/or Braille we highly recommend that you inform Augusta Technical College’s Disability Services Office at least 3 months in advance of your interest and possible enrollment to the College.


I am a LEP student, am I considered disabled because it is very hard for me to understand the English Language?

No, but we do have a Special Populations Coordinator located in the Counseling Center that will assist you at any time.


Counseling Services - Special Populations


What does the term Special Populations mean?

Some of the students who would be considered a member of a Special Population group are: Single Parents, Displaced Homemakers (Divorced or Separated), Nontraditional Program Students (for example, males in nursing or females in automotive), Special Needs/Disability, Limited English Proficiency (English is not your first language), or Economically Disadvantaged students.  In some cases, there are extra Student Services available to meet the needs of Special Population students.


How can I borrow a textbook from the Lending Library?

Fill out a Lending Library application and present your book voucher or Student Accounts receipt showing that you are not receiving enough financial aid to cover the cost of all your books.  The application and more information are on the website (click on Student Life, Counseling Center, then Special Populations), or you can pick up an application from the Counseling Center, which is located to the right of the Financial Aid desk in Building 1300.  Kristie Gregory, Special Populations Coordinator, can also be reached at 706-771-4070 or  A limited number of textbooks are available, and extra consideration is given to low income students with more financial need, but any student can apply.


Who may be eligible for a Women In Philanthropy scholarship?

In order to be considered for a Women In Philanthropy scholarship, you must be a fulltime female student with a low income and also either a Single Parent (includes single and pregnant), Displaced Homemaker (divorced or separated), or in a Nontraditional Program of Study (a traditionally male field such as welding or engineering).  You must have school expenses such as tuition, books, tools, or uniforms that are not already covered by the amount of Hope, Pell or other financial aid you are receiving for the quarter.  For more information, contact Kristie Gregory, Special Populations Coordinator, 706-771-4070,, in the Counseling Center, Building 1300.


Dual/Joint Enrollment


Who is eligible to be a dual or joint enrolled student?

  • You must be at least 16 years of age.
  • You must have met all admission requirements for the postsecondary program of study.
  • You will not be accepted if there are disciplinary, absentee, or corrective actions on your high school record.
  • You must be able to pass the college exemption for articulation of high school courses to be eligible to receive college credit (if applicable).
  • You must be eligible for the HOPE Grant or be willing to pay tuition, book expenses, and other fees.


What is the difference between dual and joint enrollment?

*Dual enrollment credit provides high school juniors and seniors, age 16 or older, enrolled in accredited private or public schools, the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit while simultaneously enrolled in both high school and college. Students must apply and be accepted at Augusta Technical College to participate in dual enrollment. GA HOPE is a funding source.

*Joint enrollment credit provides high school juniors and seniors, age 16 or older, enrolled in accredited private or public schools, the opportunity to earn college credit only while simultaneously enrolled in both high school and college. Students must apply and be accepted at Augusta Technical College to participate in dual enrollment. GA HOPE is a funding source.


How do I apply to be a dual or joint enrolled student?

You must contact the Augusta Tech High School Coordinator to set up an appointment:

Evett Davis, Augusta Tech High School Coordinator
707-771-7027 or


What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?

  1. Driver’s License (Georgia)
  2. You must verify a parent’s or guardian’s Georgia residency to be eligible for the HOPE Grant. Your parent or guardian must bring his or her driver’s license.  Please make sure that the issuing date is at least a year old.  If you are not a dependent of your parent, you must provide your own driver’s license to show proof of residency in Georgia.
  3. Social Security card
    We will make a copy of your card and return your card to you.
  4. Transcript
    A transcript of your high school grades to date. The transcript does not have to be sealed.
  5. Semester Schedule
    A copy of your high school semester schedule (both semesters if those schedules are available to you).


Do I have to take any entrance tests in order to attend classes?

Yes, the college administers the COMPASS (computer-formatted test) and the ASSET (paper and pencil version of the COMPASS). You may also submit your SAT or ACT scores for evaluation, but you are not required to take the SAT or ACT for admission.


What is the COMPASS placement test?

The COMPASS test is a computerized, adaptive test that measures skill and comprehension levels in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics to determine readiness for college-level courses in these areas. By obtaining the required COMPASS program score, students move immediately into program ready status in the core curriculum. Scoring less than the required program score on the placement test indicates that the student may lack the prerequisite knowledge or skill, and needs remediation in that area.


How can I prepare for the COMPASS placement test?

The COMPASS test is a computerized, adaptive test that measures skill and comprehension levels in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics to determine readiness for college-level courses in these areas. By obtaining the required COMPASS program score, students move immediately into program ready status in the core curriculum. Scoring less than the required program score on the placement test indicates that the student may lack the prerequisite knowledge or skill, and needs remediation in that area.


How do I schedule to take the COMPASS Placement Test?

To make an appointment to take the COMPASS test, students must apply for admission. The Office of Admissions will schedule testing (if required). Dual and Joint Enrollment candidates will schedule testing through the High School Coordinator.


What happens if I fail the COMPASS Test?

Because the COMPASS Test is a measurement of skill and comprehension, it is impossible to fail. If a student does not obtain the required program score, students will be offered courses designed to develop their abilities.


How do I know what courses to take (dual/joint enrollment)?

The High School Coordinator will work with you, your parents, and your high school counselor to select the appropriate program of study and to schedule you for classes at Augusta Technical College.  If you are not be able to attend college during your regular high school day, there are generally several after school options that are available.


How do I apply for financial aid?

First, you must go to  and Create an Account (upper right hand corner).  Follow the prompts to create your user profile and account. Go to the next step.

Secondly, and this is very important - if you want your financial aid to be processed in a timely fashion, click on the menu tab across the top that says Financial Aid Planning.  Click on Georgia’s HOPE Grant program under the GEORGIA HOPE PROGRAM box on the left hand side.  From that point, follow the prompts to apply for your HOPE Grant financial aid.  Be sure to complete the process all the way through to the SIGNATURE AUTHORIZATION screen.  When you are finished, you will receive a confirmation message in which you need to print out and retain for your records.


How do I pay for my books?

Once your HOPE Grant application has been processed and financial aid is awarded, you will receive an email message through your SMARTWEB account that you have received a VOUCHER.  You may print out that VOUCHER to take to the Bookstore in the 1300 Building.  If you miss the VOUCHER deadline, you will have to go to Student Accounts in the 100 Building to pick up the VOUCHER in person.  The amount of your VOUCHER will be $50 - $100, depending on how many classes you are taking; however, since college textbooks can be expensive, you should be prepared to pay the difference from your own funds.  You will find all the links and information you need about book prices, bookstore hours, etc., on the Augusta Tech website.

Go to Quick Links and select Book Store from the drop down menu.  Be sure to bring your class schedule with you when you purchase your textbooks so that you can make sure that you are purchasing the right ones.

If you are attending classes on the Thomson or Waynesboro Campus, you will take your book voucher to the bookstore on the satellite campus.

Other fees:

Liability Insurance Fee - All Allied Health, Barbering, Cosmetology, and Early Childhood students are required to pay an additional liability insurance fee of $6. The liability insurance is paid each quarter with tuition and fees. Students receiving adequate financial aid may agree to have these fees withheld from their financial aid award.

Instructional and Technology Support Fee ($155). Students receiving adequate financial aid may agree to have these fees withheld from their financial aid award.


Is my tuition completely paid through the HOPE Grant?

Yes, as long as you continue to meet the residency criteria and are officially approved for financial aid, your tuition will be paid as long as you are enrolled in a Diploma or TCC Programs of Study.


How does my high school counselor know what grades I have made in courses I have taken at Augusta Technical College?

If you are a Dual Enrolled student (receiving both high school and college credit for your courses), then you must request a college transcript to be sent to your high school counselor.  You can do this by selecting Admissions on the Augusta Tech website, and then select Student Records from the drop down menu.  You will see links on that page to all of the information you need about how to view your grades and send them to other schools.  The High School Coordinator cannot send your grades through email to another school.  Making sure that your high school counselor receives your grades to enter on your official transcript is your responsibility as a dual enrolled student.


How do I receive information from Augusta Technical College during the time I am enrolled as a student?

Most communication from Augusta Technical College to students is done through student’s SMARTWEB email account.  Just click on SMARTWEB in the top menu bar on the Augusta Tech Homepage.  On the left hand side of the SMARTWEB page, you will see “What is my User Name?”  Follow the prompts to create your SMARTWEB email account.  BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT FREQUENTLY (AT LEAST ONCE A DAY) TO OBTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND UPDATES FROM AUGUSTA TECH FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL.

As a dual or joint enrolled student, you will be in contact with your High School Coordinator on a regular basis through email, phone calls, and office visits.  The Augusta Technical College website is also an excellent source of information, so spend some time browsing though the links in order to become familiar with the many services that Augusta Technical College offers.


Financial Aid


How do I apply for Financial Aid?


Financial Aid resources available at Augusta Technical College are:   HOPE Grant & Scholarship, Pell Grant, Local Scholarships and agency sponsored funds.

  • For the Pell Grant: Apply online by using FAFSA on the Web at Allow ten days for processing before your expected term of enrollment. We strongly encourage this method of applying since it is faster and generally more accurate because the online version has built-in edits. A paper worksheet is available on the website to assist you. Apply for financial aid at the same time, or even before, you apply for admissions.

  • For the HOPE Grant / Scholarship: A student must complete a GSFAPPS application online @ in order to determine eligibility for HOPE. The GSFAPPS renews itself annually; however, you will be required to validate residency annually.

  • Instructions for other scholarships or funds that are available are listed on our website under the Financial Aid Section.


Why did I have to come in to see someone about being on Probation when the letter explained the reason why?

It is recommended not required that a student comes in to speak to a financial aid counselor to ensure that the student understands the rules of probation.


Do I need to reapply for financial aid each year?

Yes. Each year you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate academic year and submit the documents that are requested. You must also maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to qualify for aid each year.


Can the Financial Aid Office estimate if I am eligible for Title IV Aid?

The Financial Aid Office cannot determine the amount of your awards until the results of your FAFSA has been received from the federal processor. Your eligibility is determined by the federal processor from information you and your family supply on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The federal processor determines your "Expected Family Contribution" (EFC) according to a formula supplied by the U.S. Congress and then forwards this information to the Financial Aid Office. Only then can the Financial Aid Office begin to determine the amounts of your awards.


Why do I need to complete a Verification Worksheet and submit a copy of my Federal Income Tax Return?

Each year, the Federal Processor selects at least 30% of the financial aid applicants to a particular school for a process called verification. The school must verify the information that the student provided on his or her FAFSA. These documents are required to verify that information.


How do I know if my financial aid application has been processed and approved?

The Financial Aid Office uses the college's assigned Smartweb Email address to communicate with each student. Any requests for documentation or award notifications will be sent to this email account. The email will instruct the student to log into the secure BANNER Web portal where students can review their application status and award notice for the current aid year.


Can a veteran receive both VA Benefits and federal/state financial aid?

Yes, but veterans' benefits can greatly impact the amount of financial aid a student can receive.


What is the financial aid school code for AUGUSTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE?

AUGUSTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE's Federal Title IV School Code is 005599. This number must be used when completing the FAFSA in order for AUGUSTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE to receive your financial aid application.


Do I have to be full-time to receive HOPE?

There are not a minimum or maximum number of enrollment hours for a student to receive HOPE. A student will be paid HOPE according to the number of enrollment hours (capped at 15 hours).


How many hours must I take to be classified as a full time student for financial aid purposes?

12 credit hours or more is required to be considered full-time status.


What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Satisfactory Academic Progress is a set of federal, state, and institutional guidelines for students receiving financial assistance. If a student fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress, he/she will be placed on probation or suspension status. Augusta Technical College requires a 2.0 cumulative GPA and have a 67% completion rate (complete 67% of courses attempted).


Can I appeal my SAP status if I am suspended from financial aid for failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress?

Students who feel they have extenuating circumstances that have contributed to their failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress may appeal the status according to the guidelines established by the Financial Aid Office. This policy can be found in the AUGUSTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE Catalog and Student Handbook.


What happens to my financial aid status if I withdraw from school?

Students who withdraw from school while on financial aid may have their awards reduced. Depending upon when you withdraw from school, your awards can be reduced and you may be required to repay a specified percentage of any aid you have received in the term in which you are withdrawing. Check with the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from school to see if withdrawing could have an effect on your awards.

How can I get my financial aid transferred to another school?

Students transferring to another institution will have to make a correction to their current year FAFSA by adding the institution Federal School Code. Students must also contact the institution and complete any necessary forms to determined eligibility.


What type of financial aid can I receive as a transient student while I am a student at AUGUSTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE?

A student wishing to take a transient class another TCSG Technical College may be eligible to receive HOPE at the HOST school if the student is eligible for HOPE at AUGUSTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE. If the student is eligible for Title IV aid, AUGUSTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE will notify the HOST school in order that they may send an enrollment verification form after 60% of the quarter. This allows AUGUSTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE to award the students' Federal Aid at that time during the quarter. Students will be required to pay for any fees or book costs that HOPE does not cover while a transient student.


 I probably don't qualify for aid. Should I apply for aid anyway?

Yes. Students often think they do not qualify for aid and prevent themselves from receiving the financial assistance that is available. The Financial Aid Office offers a variety of financial aid programs with different eligibility requirements.


Can I apply for a student loan?

No. Augusta Technical College does not participate in the Federal Student Loan Program. The Scholarships and Grants that Augusta Technical College offers assist a large majority of our student population with tuition and book costs. An additional percentage of students receive assistance with other educational costs. Private alternative loan information is available through the financial aid director.


If I don't attend class, what happens to the PELL Grant and HOPE Awards for the quarters listed on my award letter?

Your award notice does list awards for the entire award year. However, if you withdraw from school or do not attend class during a particular term, you cannot receive those estimated awards. Classes that are not eligible for financial aid are those you do not attend, do not make, or do not start.


If I moved to Georgia less than 1 year ago, can I qualify for the HOPE Grant?

A student must be legal resident of Georgia 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of the quarter they are planning to enroll in classes to be considered eligible for the HOPE Grant/Scholarship. Students who did not graduate from a Georgia High School must be legal resident of Georgia for 24 consecutive months prior to the first day of the quarter to be eligible for HOPE Scholarship.


If I get married after I complete my application, can I change my marital status?

No, the student's marital status is effective for the award year as of the date the application is submitted. During the Application Renewal period for the next award year is when a student can update his/her marital status.


What are the financial aid deadlines for the upcoming quarters?

Financial aid must be completed 10 days prior to the start of each quarter to avoid any out of pocket expense. (A financial aid packet is complete when all documents are submitted and processed).


When are refunds going to be given out?

Refund deadlines are scheduled each quarter. The first issuance will be approximately 28 calendar days from the start of each quarter.


Why is my Pell lower than what my account showed? Pell conversion of Diploma programs (Switching between diploma and associate degree programs).

All eligibility is determined by program of study and Pell eligibility. What posted originally was evaluated on a degree level. However, switching to a diploma program required that your Pell be evaluated on a diploma level therefore reflecting the decrease in your Pell award information.


How can I get assistance for childcare?

Augusta Technical College does not offer childcare. However, you can apply at or by calling 1-866-371-8222.


Where can I get assistance for school housing?

Augusta Technical College does not offer student housing assistance.


I called FAFSA and they said I was eligible for student loans and FAFSA said to contact your school. What loans am I eligible for?

Augusta Technical College does not participate in federal student loan programs.


What is the cutoff income to receive Pell?

There is no cutoff limit; eligibility is determined by the federal processor using information from your application submitted at the time.


I think I’m eligible for VA who do I contact?

You can go online to or call 1-888-442-4551.


How do I apply for WIA?

You can apply for WIA through the Georgia Department of Labor offices or call 706-721-2701 or 706-721-2702.


Why does financial aid ask for my federal and/or state tax information?

Financial Aid will request a copy of your state tax return in order to show proof of Georgia residency if you do not have a state issued ID or drivers license that meet requirements (at least one year old from exam date). Financial aid will request your federal tax information for verification purposes, once the FAFSA is received.


Will Augusta Technical College financial aid counselor(s) complete my FAFSA for me?

No, we will not complete an application for you. However, we will gladly guide you through the process by providing you with a paper application to complete. After you complete the paper application a financial aid counselor will verify that all information is answered correctly. At this point you will be instructed on how to transfer the information from the paper application to the online application.


Why did my instructor tell me that if I dropped before midterm it would not affect my financial aid?

We strongly recommend that students consult a financial aid counselor before making any changes to your schedule.


Why did I have to come in to see someone about being on Probation when the letter explained the reason why?

It is recommended, not required, that a student comes in to speak to a financial aid counselor to ensure that the student understands the rules of probation.


Online ANGEL Users
  • Students will be able to log into Angel on the first day of the quarter.

  • Students need to check their SmartWeb email account for information from their instructor.

  • Angel User name and password will both be 24_900xxxxxx (student ID number).

  • If you have used Angel before, your password will be what you previously changed it to.

  • If you have changed your password but have forgotten, type your SmartWeb email into the I Forgot My Password option on the Angel login page.  Angel will then send your password reset option to your SmartWeb email account.

  • For Online Courses, your Login Verification Form will be found in your Online course once you log into the course.  You will print this form, sign, and take it to the bookstore with your voucher. 

  • The majority of your course content will be found under one tab titled Lessons, Content, or something similar.

  • If you have questions about the content within the course itself, contact your instructor through SmartWeb or Angel email.  (Your instructor will let you know which email to use for the course).


Student Records


How do I request a copy of my transcript?

You may access the Transcript Request form via the web at  Select Admissions, and then click on Student Records.  You will see links on that page for transcript requests.  You may fax the completed form to 706-771-4034 or scan and email it to .  You may also visit any campus location and complete the request form in person or mail the completed form to:  The Office of Student Records
     Augusta Technical College
     3200 Augusta Tech Drive
     Augusta, Georgia  30906


Is there a fee for transcripts?  If so, how do I pay?

There is no charge for transcripts.


How long will it take to process my transcript once the request and/or fees are received by the College?

If attendance at Augusta Technical College was after 1992, regular processing time is 5 to 7 working days.  All records before that time may have been archived and additional time is necessary for retrieval.  Same day transcripts are not processed.


What types of certifications are available from the Office of Student Records?

Enrollment, Registration, GPA, Acceptance, and ASSET/COMPASS Test Scores.


How can I receive my certification?

Your certification can be faxed, emailed, or picked up from the Student Records Office on the Augusta Campus and the Admissions Office on the Thomson or Waynesboro Campus.


How long does it take to receive my certification?

Certifications take approximately twenty-four hours.


When is Graduation?

Augusta Technical College has two graduation ceremonies per year.  They are typically in January and June.


How do I apply to participate in the ceremony?

The Office of Student Records posts signs when we are accepting applications for graduation participation.  Emails are also sent to the SmartWeb accounts of all students.  Packets can be picked up in the Office of Student Records at the Augusta campus or in the Admissions offices of the Thomson and Waynesboro campuses.  Deadlines for payment are also posted.


How do I learn more about graduation once I’ve applied for participation?

You will be given a Graduation Newsletter in your packet, and it will also be posted on the college website.


What does my GPA have to be to be an Honor Graduate?

Degree and diploma graduates who have achieved a program grade point average of 3.5 or higher are recognized as honor graduates at graduation.  Students graduating from Technical Certificate programs cannot be honor graduates.


I have already received my diploma but I want a replacement/duplicate copy.  Is there a fee for this?

Yes.  There is a $27 replacement/duplicate diploma fee.


How do I apply to be evaluated for the Georgia HOPE Scholarship?

Pick up an evaluation form from the Financial Aid Office at the Augusta Campus, Admissions at the Thomson or Waynesboro Campus.  You can also print the form from the website.


Who will contact me regarding my eligibility for the Georgia HOPE Scholarship?

The Financial Aid Office will notify you via SmartWeb of your eligibility status.  Please contact to verify your email address with the Financial Aid Office.


What documentation is required to change my name?

Legal documentation that supports the name change (i.e. adoption papers, divorce papers, marriage license, etc.)  Social security cards and driver’s license are not accepted.


What documentation is required to change my address?

Complete the Address Change form on the website by selecting Admissions, then click on Student Records.  You will find a link for the Name/Address form.


What is the minimum grade required for a course to be transferred to Augusta Technical College?

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned for a course to be transferred from an accepted institution.  A grade of “TR” will be entered on the permanent record.


Will transfer credit be awarded from an unofficial transcript or a copy of a transcript?

No. Transfer credit can be awarded from official transcripts only.  Faxed transcripts are NOT accepted.


Can courses be too old to transfer?

Core classes (i.e. English, Math, Psychology, etc) have no age limitation.  Certain occupational courses older than five years may be evaluated by the program department for applicable transfer credit.


What is GVTC?

GVTC is Georgia Virtual Technical College.  The website is


How do I apply for transient approval through GVTC?

Visit and follow the instructions on the home page.


How do I apply for transient approval with a school that is not part of GVTC?

Fill out the Transient Approval Form found at and return the form to the Office of Student Records.