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Vehicle Registration
All currently enrolled students are required to display parking decals on their vehicles. The vehicle tag number, make, model and color will be required for registration. In order to get a parking decal, follow the steps below:

  • 1. Access the Augusta Technical College web site at

  • 2. Select the SMARTWEB tab to login to your account.

  • 3. Click on the BANNER WEB tab.

  • 4. Click on the STUDENT AND FINANCIAL AID link.

  • 5. Click on BOSSCARS™.

  • 6. Click on Permits.

  • 7. Under Please select the type of Permit, using the pull down arrow, select STUDENT-Fee: $0.00 (no charge).

  • 8. Click the Continue tab.

  • 9. Complete the required information under Add a Vehicle, click on the Add a Vehicle tab.

  • 10. You will asked to confirm entered information.

  • 11. Select the button next to the vehicle to receive the parking decal.

  • 12. You will receive a Permit Confirmation with a temporary decal number.

  • 13. Print two copies of the Permit Confirmation. Keep one copy in your vehicle (behind the back seat) until you receive your permanent decal.

Augusta Campus students, take one copy of the Permit Confirmation form to Student Services in Building 1300 or to the Communication Desk in Building 100 to receive your permanent parking decal.

Thomson/McDuffie and Waynesboro/Burke students take a copy of the Permit Confirmation form to the Admissions Office on your campus.

Permanent parking decals will only be issued beginning the first week of every quarter.