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Achieving the Dream

Augusta Technical College is committed to providing quality education to all of its student populations. With that, the College has identified under-represented programs which also include evidence that reveals the strikingly deficient rates of accomplishment in developmental education courses. Augusta Technical College has recognized that with the help of Achieving the Dream, the College can follow a united vision for addressing inequities of access and success for students desiring to enter and graduate from underrepresented programs at the College.

As an Achieving the Dream Institution, Augusta Technical College plans to implement and improve on five principles:

  • Principle 1) Committed Leadership
  • Principle 2) Use of Evidence to Improve Programs and Services
  • Principle 3) Broad Engagement
  • Principle 4) Systemic Institutional Improvement
  • Principle 5) Equity

To achieve this, Augusta Technical College will develop a five step process for increasing student success:

  • Step 1) Commit to Improving Student Outcomes
  • Step 2) Use Data to Prioritize Actions
  • Step 3) Engage Stakeholders to Help Develop a Plan
  • Step 4) Implement, Evaluate, and Improve Strategies
  • Step 5) Establish a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Our #1 goal:

Student Success