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The Office of Academic/Career Counseling is under the leadership of Ms. Amy Laughter

Who is eligible for Academic/Career Counseling Services?

  • Current Students
  • Part-time Students
  • Full-time Students
  • New Students
  • Potential Students

How does a student receive Academic/Career Counseling Services?

  • Self-Referral

  • A student may request assistance for Academic/Career Counseling Services with the Academic Counselor by coming to the Counseling Center to schedule an appointment, by calling to schedule an appointment or by sending an email to schedule an appointment.

  • Faculty Referral

  • A Faculty Member may refer a student by completing the Early Alert Referral Form and forwarding it to the Academic Counselor. The Academic Counselor will contact the student to schedule an appointment.

Examples of Academic/Career Counseling Services

  • Academic advising for current students interested in a change to Program of Study.
  • Career counseling, career assessments, and career exploration using self-directed searches and aptitude inventories to determine interests and aptitude for available degrees, diplomas, and certificates.
  • Academic counseling, individual and workshops, for students who need information and/or training on a variety of academic skills.
  • Referrals for students to academic services offered by the Tutoring Center and Library.
  • Referrals for students to the Disabilities Counselor for screening of possible learning disabilities and/or accommodations for documented disabilities.
  • Referrals for students to the Special Populations Coordinator for resources available to eligible students including single parents and limited English proficiency (LEP) and students in non-traditional programs.
  • Recommendations for students to participate in instruction and improvement of time management, study skills, test taking, communication skills, and stress management.
  • Provide academic services on an individual basis, as requested, by Faculty and Student referrals.
Wellness Newsletter November 2013


Academic Information

Academic - Student Success Newsletters

  • Fall Semester

    Topics include:
  • Succeeding in College
  • A Good Study Place
  • Getting Off to a Good Academic Start
  • Student Success Tips
  • Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Improving Your Listening & Note Taking Skills
  • How Successful Students Prepare for Tests
  • Managing Your Study Time and Vocabulary: An Ongoing Process

  • Spring Semester

    Topics include:
  • Stop Procrastination
  • Learning Styles
  • Memory Improvement
  • Studying for the Sciences
  • Textbook Reading Strategy: SQRW
  • Reading Comprehension: The REDW Strategy

  • Summer Semester

    Topics include:
  • Creating Study Groups
  • Stress Management
  • Studying for Math Tests
  • Test Anxiety
  • Critical Thinking

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